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. >> reporter: the 17-year-old murder suspect is the victim's daughter's boyfriend. police say rosa vasquez did not approve of the relationship. they say an argument with that teenager ended in her murder. 35-year-old rosa vasquez was the last person anyone expected to go missing. >> all she does is go to work, come back, take good care of her kids. >> she was more of a responsible person, not someone to walk away from family, not someone to walk away from her job order responsibilities of life. >> reporter: on september 1 her former husband told police she had not been seen since the previous day. nearly three weeks later vasquez' body was found stuffed into a plastic storage container in the corner of the bckyard of her silver spring town home. >> very squarey thing. >> reporter: -- scary thing. >> reporter: even more shocking, the alleged killer. montgomery county police have charged a 17-year-old with the crime. the teenager is believed to be vasquez' 14-year-old daughter's boyfriend. police say vasquez did not approve of the relationship. they believe she found the young man hiding in her
. >> reporter: more shocking was the arrest of the 17-year-old. he was dating the victim's daughter. vasquez didn't approve. the victim's daughter led him into the home the night of august 30 and kept him hidden in the basement. her mother found him there. an argument ensued. they believe the suspect killed the victim in her home and hid her body in the backyard container. >> the family is in shock. we want to be sensitive to them before we ask more questions about the detail that is led up to this. we believe we have her assail ent in custody. >> translator: it's scary. i live here by myself with my daughter. >> it was a shock that she was right behind the backyard and nobody knew about it. >> reporter: police say they have no plans for further arrests in the case. the vasquez family is in seclusion. back to you, jim. >> thank you, jane. >>> neighbors marched through d.c.s neighborhood to demand safer streets. >> we want peace! we want peace! >> a howard university student led the march. demonstrators sent leers to the white house to push for a national summit on gun violence. >>> we want t
's boyfriend. we understand that the victim, 35-year-old rosa vasquez did not approve of the young man and an argument between the two of them is what police are saying led to her alleged murder at this point. let's show you video where this allegedly happened. detectives found valazquez's body in a plastic container of her silver spring home last night. they say the suspect put vasquez there after killing her. she was reported missing back on september 1st. a bit of a background as to what led up to the murder. they say vasquez's daughter snuck port illa to the home. when she left for work the next day, he hid in the basement and texted the next day so say she may have seen him. >> she was more of a responsible person. not someone to walk away from family or not shun to walk away from her job or the responsibilities of life. and of course initially she didn't fit into a critical missing criteria. >> reporter: now back here live. vasquez's family did report her missing back on september 1st. her body was found last night behind her sill sale home. the 17-year-old suspect is charged as
-old guevera who was dating the victim's daughter. vasquez didn't approve of the relationship and was killed after an argument with the suspect. neighbors were unnerved by the news. >> scary. i live here by myself my daughter. to this think this kwo happen to another woman my age is scary. >> a shock, you know, she was shot in the backyard and nobody knew about it. >> neighbors describe vasquez as hard working and happy and the teenage suspect is being charged with first-degree murder. >>> police in connecticut say without a confession they may never know what led to the killing of yale grad student annie le. there are reports murder suspect raymond clark was controllinging and often clashed with researchers in the science lab. clark sent a text message to le on the day she disappeared to discuss the cleanliness of mouse cages in the lab. police found clark's dna at the crime scene. he is being held on $3 million bond. >>> the man who carjacked a woman and then led police on a high-speed chase through two states is still on the run. thursday night in gainesville, virginia a man forced a woma
the woman as 35-year- old rosa vasquez, whose ex- husband reported her missing september 1. officers have arrested a 17 - year old and have charged him as an adult. they believe that he killed vasquez during an argument. >>> montgomery county police are looking for suspect in vehicle break-ins that happened on macarthur boulevard in potomac. surveillance video shows one suspect using victims credit cards at local stores. the break-ins began in march and targeted cars owned by people visiting be c&o canal. >> there is a way to notify at fedex about out of control fans. julie parker has how the system works, and she also has reaction from fans. >>> if anyone is coming out for the home opener sunday and encounter at an aggressive stand, the nfl wants them to pick up their cell phone and tell. cheering on the team is a huge part of the experience, but frenzied fans can sometimes take it too far. >> sometimes people can be rude. >> people are hollering, shing, pushing my kids. it was horrible. >> the program in place at fedex field for a year allows fans to text security when there is a proble
vasquez was found the backyard of her home on castle terrace. that's in the briggs cheney area of silver spring. she had been reported missing earlier this month. now police arrested a 17-year- old and he's been charged with first-degree murder in the case. because of his age we cannot show you his mug shot. he had an argue with vasquez, killed her and placed her body in a plastic storage container in the corner of the backyard. >>> right now a car jacker on the loose, somewhere possibly in prince georges county. he led police on a wild chase last night. it started in prince william county, virginia where the suspect stole the car and held the driver captive. the chase ended with a five- vehicle mashup on saint barnabas road in oxon hill. several people including a virginia state trooper suffered minor injuries average dc police are posting a picture of a man who is terrorizing cab drivers. police say this have a man targeting cab drivers in northeast dc. he's taken money from two drivers in the vicinity of the 2200 block of 13th street in northeast. >> everybody has their personal fears
. and vasquez, sprained a knee. left the chargers with five offensive linemen last night. coach turner said neither harwich or vasquez will practice tomorrow. and phillip rivers say it is the nfl and it is something you have to deal with. >> you never are going to have a injury free season. hope you are not too banged up in week one. but that's what this league is going through the adverse tees. and we did well tonight. >> remember you can vote for the subway high school game of the week this week. four choices for september 18 are. log onto and catch your vote. >> we will announce the winner on thursday night. back to you. . >> we really did have a couple of great september days, but that is changing. >> no complaints. it will rain. but what the heck we cannot complain. go to vytas reid with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> no complaints. it looks like a fabulous day out there today. but it looks likes things are changing. cooler temperatures on the way. and more clouds in the forecast. 40 to 50 percent chances for showers. wednesday, thursday. and temperatures in the
this month rosa vasquez went missing but this morning investigators found her body in the backyard of her home. shortly after the discovery, police arrested 17-year-old i'vea gore vera. a motive is unclear, but the teen-agers were acquaintances. he's in jail without bond. >>> the hunt is on tonight for a man who carjacked a woman from a target store in virginia and took her for a ride through two states. someone saw the carjacking in gainesville virginia and call police and the wild ride ended with a five-car pileup in maryland. >> reporter: the carjacking began here in the parking lot of this target store in the gainesville area. >> i was a little alarmed when i heard that someone was abducted. but i normally don't come out at night by myself and i have two small children so i try to be cautious and see what is around me. >> reporter: people who live in the area are paying more attention to their surroundings and keeping a closer on their kids. >> my daughter is 14 and in a year and a half my daughter will be driving and we come up here shopping and i never thought that would happen in g
. >> reporter: jim, the grizzly discovery of rosa vasquez means her body was literally a few feet away from the family's back door. we have live pictures of the neighborhood where her body was discovered in that plastic storage container. rosa vasquez, a silver spring woman, was last seen leesk for work august 31st around 7:00 in the morning. she lived in the 3600 block of castle terrace. her ex-husband the next day reported her missing when she didn't show up for work. her employer told blis miss vasquez was extremely reliable and it was highly unlikely she would not show up for work without calling in first. for two weeks police worked this case. early this morning they decided to go back to the house and retrace some steps. >> she was reported missing september 1st. last night detectives got together, started conferencing and sharing information and decided to review steps that had been taken. they met at her house and started going over everything in the house. ultimately found her body in a plastic storage container in the corner of the backyard at about 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> repo
of 35-year-old rosa vasquez was solved last night by montgomery county detectives, just a few feet away from the back door of the family's home. there, detectives discovered the woman's body stuffed in a plastic storage container. the silver spring woman that had initially been reported missing by her ex-husband, last seen leaving for work august 31st at 7:00 in the morning. she lived in the 3600 block of castle terrace. her employer, her husband and everyone who knew rosa vasquez told police she was highly reliable and this was not the case of a missing woman. police worked the case for a couple of weeks and last night decided to go back to the family home and retrace their steps. they found h body. now they are trying to come up with a motive. >> as you might guess, this is still very fresh. we started very early this morning in discovering her body and detectives have worked all night and day on this. we are still waitings for information from the medical examiner's office, as well. her family is in shock. we want to be sensitive to them before we start asking more questions about th
an ankle injury. vasquez has any injury. and what look like the never ending list of the ways orioles tortured their fans, late-inning lead, they blow it in the eighth inning after a rain delay. you sit through all of that? you really love baseball. luke scott bangs it off the scoreboard. the orioles led to-one in the eighth inning, and then came the rain delay. one hour 40 minutes. top of the ninth inning, a solo home run. there are two fans in the outfield. it is all tied at two. in the bottom of the ninth, matt wieters, left-center field, it is gone. there is only one kid there to get the ball. he deserves it cou. the anthe president of the ncaa lost his life today. he held knight to a standard and fired him. he held coach is responsible for the academic achievement for all of players. >> rain on and off. >> a couple of showers tomorrow, 67 degrees, and a breeze making it feel cold. we have a nice weekend taking shape. fall arrives next tuesday. >> if you missed any of this newscast, an encore is coming your way at 12:00. [ cheers and applause ] and musical guests yeah yeah [ cheer
bell joins us live with more on the late breaking information. >> the woman's name is rosa vasquez, 35 years old. her ex-husband reported her missing september 1 and he said she had last been seen at 7:00 a.m. on the 31st. the police did not released to the public that she was an adult. they did not think she was critically missing. the detectives did not turn their back on the case. as time passed, they looked harder into the case. last evening, they came to the house. we are on the back of the house, castle terrace. they looked inside and outside. outside, in this tiny fenced in backyard, the corner, they found the victim's body. she had been stuffed into a storage container. errible story. the police very quickly made an arrest of a 17-year-old. he is described as a former acquaintance of a member of the woman's family. other people lived here in the house. we understand she had children, and they have been here in the house all of this time, two weeks. we talked with neighbors and friends who are horrified. they say ms. vasquez was a lovely person, worked at costco. she had been aw
three weeks ago, rosa vasquez was found dead inside a plastic storage container in her own backyard. today, the police arrested and charged this 17-year-old with the murder. >> it does not bring my mom back. >> they said that the suspect had a crush on her. he came to the house on the morning of august 31, looking for the girl, but got into an argument with the mother. the police believe that he killed her and took off in her car. >> we were really close friends. then we were not as close. >> not wanting to be at home, they're staying with their father, the victims ex-husband. they're trying to make sense of what has happened. >> i do not know why that guy even did that to her. my mom was really nice to that guy. >> the teenage suspect was arrested late this morning in gaithersburg. he is being held without bond, charged as an adult. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >>> also tonight, the d.c. police department is fighting back against a court ruling sank its all hands on deck program is illegal. they accuse the fraternal order of police of concealing information involving officer overtime
gaithersburg, maryland killed vasquez after an argument. the 17-year-old will be charged as an adult. >>> a former montgomery county schoolteacher has been sentenced to six months in jail for providing cocaine to her students. her attorney says that she has apologized to the thomas wheaton high school community for the embarrassment. prosecutors say students who put together a wooten yearbook called her the coolest woman alive. she is due to report to jail on monday. >>> police are on the lookout for a car jacker who led them on a wild chase. it started in prince william county, virginia where the suspects stole a car and held the woman driver captive. virginia state police spotted the vehicle and chased in to prince georges county, maryland last night. it ended with a five-vehicle crash on saint barnabas road and oxon hill. several people including a virginia state trooper suffered minor injuries. the car jacker left the scene. >>> metro is urgently looking for ways to prevent suicide. a half dozen people have intentionally stepped in front of trains just since june. the most recent
set at home this season against the braves tonight. vasquez on the mound with a two era. first pitch 7:05. >>> as for the expected when you had 100 losses two years in a row the team will decrease season ticket prices for next year on 3300 seats. they are not going to increase prices on any nonpremium seats either them average price for a nonstadium seat at the park will be 20.60. >>> baseball players take thousands of swings and most don't end up like this. miguel swings and ends up on his rear. little embarrassing. he makes it better on the next pitch which he took for an rbi single. >> too strong for myself. >> that's what i would say. >> i would go with that, too. >> yes. >> here's the seven day. we're okay tonight. you want to go out and launch footballs tonight you can. rain and showers develop in the afternoon. heaviest activity is tomorrow night. it will end early on sunday and decent day on sunday and upper 70s. upper 70s monday on monday and showers and storms are possible and coolest air of the season, upper 60s on tuesday, mid-60s on wednesday and rebounding in the low to m
this sunday the chargers could be without 2 starting line men. center hardwick and guard vasquez were injured in last night victory over buffalo. even given that the chargers still present a formidable challenge this sunday with refers at quarterback and tomlinson running the ball. even on a bad ankle chargers have the best offense and defense isn't bad either to say the least. they go in bursting with respect. >> one of the premier team in the nfl. explosive in all 3 phase. i know ron really well and what kind of defense they put out there. attacking so cause a lot of problems. offensively turner saw him all the years in washington to be. we have our hands full against premier football team. >> i think it's always important to make sure you stay honor on a similar schedule so i think it will be a good for to us get out early and other than that i don't think it changes too much. the game starts the guys are ready inform go. >>reporter: and remember tonight marks return of fox 45 play book.i'll be joined by my co-host ron and mark at the espn zone at 7:00 o'clock. at the inner harbor t
lydia vasquez was found in a shed in the back of her house last night. >> thismorning, officers arrested a 17-year-old and charged him as an adult with vasquez's murder. police are speaking with the media right now at the headquarters. we hope to learn more about the pair's relationship, as well as if police searched the backyard prior to last night. the latest on news4 at 5:00 tonight. >>> now, the latest on the kidnapping case of jaycee dugard. authorities in california are trying to figure out whether her accused captors, phillip and nancy garrido were involved in the disappearance of two other school girls. >> cadaver dogs sniffed out some remains behind their home today where they allegedly kept jaycee dugard for 18 years. >> reporter: the search continues in antioch, california, on the property of phillip and nancy garrido in connection with the the disappearance of two young girls two decades ago. police dogs recovered a bone and picked up a scent of what could be buried human remains. >> we are not going to say where it was because we don't want everybody to try to get to that sp
a leader or a follower, vasquez? >> a leader sir! >> all right, we'll see, we'll see. >> column right - march! >> reporter: and what about girls in the program? >> as long as you have the heart and the discipline to do it, i think a girl can do it as good as a guy can. >> last week there was a very shy little girl when i first got here on wednesday but by friday she came up to me and said, you know, ma'am, i have a different self-confidence about me. and i can ask an adult a question confidently and get an answer. >> i actually attended for the 28th youth week in 1979, and then came back and went through the academy, and i've been a member of the state police for 23 years. many of our graduates from the trooper youth program graduate, and then come back as troopers. >> and others go off to just do great things within their community, whether it be law, or medicine, or teachers. >> hello loved ones! i'm back! >> i learned a lot about discipline and how to stay motivated. >> definitely taught him a lot of organization skills, so i'm hoping that will help him with his life in the future.
children? >> so it comes back to the fire. doug fog and man well vasquez showed where the floor was charred, where flames were seen bursting out of the windows. where there were brown rings on the concrete porch. it all looked very suspicious. >> i have no doubt that the fire was deliberately set. >> what's the best evidence for that? >> the elimination of the causes. we found the liquid accelerant. >> that's right. lab tests showed the presence of a flammable liquid on the porch near where the family kept a barbecue grill and lighter fluid. but all other tests throughout the home showed nothing suspicious. nevertheless, fog decided todd willingham had lit a fire at the front door and the fire had followed a trail of liquid accelerant through the hall and into the children's bedroom, where they were sleeping. and where the floor was badly charred in what the investigators determined were pour patterns. >> i am very convinced of what i saw, what i did, and that i didn't make stakes. >> all these indicators are simply based on folklore. they're old wive's tales. >> since the willingham fire i
this evening charged with murder. rosa vasquez has been missing since earlier this month but this morning investigators found her body in the backyard of her silver spring home. shortly after the discovery, police arrested 17-year-old ivo orivera. >>> the hunt is on for a man who carjacked a woman from a target in virginia and took her on a child chase. it -- wild chase. police were on the lookout for the victim's car after a witness reported the carjacking. a virginia state trooper spotted the car, followed it across the woodrow wilson bridge. the suspect exited the bridge and the car veered out of control causing the crash. meantime back at the target shopping center, people were stunned to hear the news. >> actually my daughter is 14. we come up here all the time shopping. she'll be out here by herself. i never thought thatwould happen in gainesville. it's concerning. >> the suspect ran off after the crash and got aw. the woman was not seriously hurt. >>> if you -- d.c. police are asking for your help on this one, putting the brakes on a cab crime spree. taxi drivers in the district ar
's six-game winning streak. ryan howard against this braves .344, eight homers, 16 rbi's. vasquez wins the third straight start. braves have won nine of the last 11 games. now, pedro leaves the game early because of a stiff neck but a he may not have lasted much longer anyway. the phillies lose pedro as they were 7-0 entering saturday. he strikes out only one batter in three innings allowing seven hits and three earned runs. so florida marlins are certainly still in this n.l. wild card discussion. facing arroyo. and 1-1. bottom five, drew stubbs. is hanley ramirez the shortstop three years from now? >> no, he'll be moved to the outfie outfield. >> if he gets any bigger he has to move. >> ricky delast coe dealing in y bruce.isco. after he gets bruce here, he's one pitch away from striking out the side. all he needs to do is get ryan hanigan, but hold on. hanigan's third, now 2-1 reds. ouch. got to get it back somehow. top eight, big spot. >> you can't say that on tv. >> down 2-1. it's 3-2, florida, they come back to take the lead. >> anybody have the marlins in it this late? they're sti
jailed that teenager in the murder of a woman earlier this month. officers found the body of rosa vasquez in a storage container in her backyard. it is at castle terrace in the bridge chaney area. she was reported missing a couple of weeks ago. police believe a man shot and killed her. she charged with fist degree murder. >>> metro is trying to keep people from taking their lives on the subway tracks. a 15-year-old is the latest to intentionally step in front of a train. a half dozen people have done it this summer including two teenagers last week. they say once a person heads for the tracks there are only minutes left. they say the key is to take any mention of suicide seriously and tell the person there is hope. >>> president obama appeared on five television networks on sunday morning after taping interviews last week. on face the nation, the president addressed the heated health care debate. >> at various periods in american history, people get pretty rambunctious when it comes to our democratic debate. that's not new. every president who's tried to bring about big changes, elicits t
. atlanta throwing vasquez tonight against paulino of the astros. >> rob: all three of those is excellent. every one of those is excellent. >> bob: 3247 to willie harris. his own bass average is around 360, excite the fact he's hitting only in the mid-220s. now, that's being early. he hit that ball right over the dugout on the pull side. >> rob: well, two pitchers tonight with excellent change- ups. watch how far out in front on this change-up that willie harris gets that -- almost pulls it 180. >> bob: he getsjammed. >> bob: 3-2 to harris again. he's having a food at bat, fighting off everything pedro has. >> rob: that may have been pedro's best fastball tonight, two, 92, after the 72 and 76 miles an hour change-up.     willie gets it down the >> rob: oh, just missed! just a hair. >> bob: pedro might have thought he was about to step on to cruise control here, that ibanez got him back in the game, and now willie harris is going to force him to throw at least 11 pitches to the lead- off hitter the very next inning. there's no te
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)